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Get Girls Going

in development

Get Girls Going is a 4-week summer program that empowers black teen girls to become entrepreneurs as a way to increase the participation of true leadership among black women.

In The Public Way

A responsive and interactive consulting platform comprised of speakers, writers, artists, researchers, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and public servants who are committed to listening, understanding, and working with clients in order to convert their current experiences with problems into a larger space for discussing, developing and implementing solutions.

The Algebra Project

The Algebra Project uses mathematics literacy as an organizing tool to guarantee quality public school education for all children in the United States of America.

V.Vintage Wardrobe

Whether you’re a lover of all things fashion, beauty, travel or health/fitness you have found yourself in the right place. Get comfortable, grab yourself a cup of tea or wine and I hope you will stick around.

Sharif Walker’s personal mission is to responsibility advocate for, and develop transformative community constructs that help youth and their families thrive!